No energy-dissipating valves of any kind are involved

Reduced space?

Adverse environment conditions?

Difficult energy supply?

We deliver solutions!

Our experienced team of professionals develops innovative solutions meeting for customer requirement

Linear axes

Smart Solutions for Smart customers:

Keep it simple:

closed drive systems offer many advantages:

Clean workstations in the field of test and laboratory freely programmable force x path profiles with minimal cost and secondary effort.

BLDC motors of the latest generation ensure an exact mapping of the desired travel profile on the hydraulic cylinder.

Our drives are easy to be monitored: the BLDC motors serve as sensors for current (~ pressure), speed (~ speed), position (= path) Commissioning in a few hours


Customized controllers for the:

Hardware + Software

Commissioning on site,

service by VPN


Options: Manual control via Bluetooth

Non-contact battery charging (Inductive).

Control interfaces: manual, digital, CANopen, PROFIBUS, Ethernet


Software Drive-Control has a user-friendly interface.
Current consumption, speed, acceleration can be parameterized.
Temperature monitoring included.

Software includes data logging user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get their project started. Industry 4.0 is possible. Control interfaces: manual, digital, CANopen, PROFIBUS, Ethernet

Software Download (zip ~36MB)