In order to control speeds or forces, we do not use energy-dissipating valves!

With greatly reduced space in adverse environments In difficult energy supply our experienced team of professionals develops innovative solutions for customer needs.

Linear axes

Smart Solutions for Smart customers:

Keep it simple:

our closed drive systems offer the user many advantages:

  • Clean workplaces in the field of test and laboratory
  • freely programmable force x path profiles with minimal cost and secondary effort.

BLDC motors of the latest generation ensure an exact mapping of the desired travel profile on the hydraulic cylinder. Our drives are easily monitorable: the BLDC motors serve as sensors for current (~ pressure), speed (~ speed), position (= path) commissioning in a few hours, software incorporates user-friendly interface makes it easy for any user, his project in To move. Industry 4.0 is a matter of course. Control interfaces: manual, digital, CAN-open, PROFI-BUS,

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hydraulics 2go

Mobile Solutions for Mobile Requirements:

For locations without power supply:

If immediate use of hydraulic power is required (construction sites, commissioning, assembly) our well-known self-sufficient HYDRAULIC CASE is used. Non-drip quick-couplers (flat-face) Pressure gauge on board, battery on board, charge status indicator Hand control for harsh environments without further knowledge, the installer can position hydraulic cylinders of any size at a greatly reduced speed. Options: Manual control via Bluetooth Non-contact battery charging (Inductive)

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multiple axes drives

Modular units combined with the high energy efficiency of our systems lead to ever new applications: Our innovative strength and experience, as well as the trust of our customers are the driving force for the development of ever new systems in the areas of automotive, automation, test and laboratory research and development Our developments can be found up to 4,000 m below sea level 3,000 m in small aircraft, in sewers in areas with heavy air pollution in the engine compartment of racing cars

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