Servo pumps: electrohydraulic power converters of the latest generation

Servo Pumpen

Our servo pumps generate hydrostatic energy in a confined space:

  • efficient,
  • clean,
  • user-friendly,
  • reliable,
  • virtually wear-free for R & D,
  • test,
  • laboratory and special applications.

We achieve customer benefit: Generating freely programmable force x path profiles with minimal cost and secondary outlay.

High-tech BLDC engines of the latest generation in 4Q operation ensure an exact representation of the desired driving profile on the hydraulic cylinder. Different configuration levels of the control are available.

A user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get his project started. With integrated 4Q servo controller. With convenient PC user interface for parameterization. Speed, position and torque modes are easy to parameterize as basic modes (PI)
Freely programmable variant (MI) available
Industry 4.0 is a matter of course.
Control interfaces: manual, digital, CANopen, PROFIBUS, Ethernet