Double-acting, single-acting,
absolutely leak-proof
All surfaces surface-treated
corrosion-resistant inside / outside ultra-compact / ultralight
piston rod non-rotating
designed for extremely high lateral load
convenient installation Quick-Push-In-Connectors 130bar

Clamp cylinders

Like all our products, the clamping cylinders were created with the active participation of our customers: we would like to express our thanks to our customers.

What distinguishes our clamping cylinders:

  • Unusually high level of sensitivity is possible when dosing the clamping force.
  • The increase in force over time, in cooperation with our pressure regulators, can be controlled in a wide range to the requirements of the workpieces.
  • Clamping force can be monitored without additional sensors.
  • Special guides cope with extremely high lateral forces.
  • Sealing surfaces have a lower roughness than commercially available piston rods
  • High pressure metal push-in fittings facilitate assembly
  • Double the number of fittings optimize ring-type fittings.
  • Reduced costs for pressure hoses: no compressed hoses required
  • Installation similar to pneumatics: Cut polyamide hose clean, push in, ready